What is the GS-1 Food Traceability Initiative?


The first question to answer is “what or who is GS-1?” GS-1 is a not-for-profit member organization whose mission is to design and implement global standards for the world-wide supply chain. GS-1 is not a government agency, but an independent organization that includes members from manufacturing, retail and wholesale companies. Its initiatives include standardization in [...]

Food Safety Modernization Act Update


On January 4, 2011 President Obama signed into law the FSMA (FSMA) instructing the FDA to, among other things, define how to track food-borne illness back to its source. The deadline for this plan was 2 years, which would make it due the end of 2012. At that time, the FDA is required to provide farmers and [...]

Traceability = Profitability for Companies in the Food Industry


Companies in the food industry have three primary objectives for purchasing and implementing a traceability solution: to reduce the cost of precision, better supply management with information, and to ensure food safety and quality control (QC). Notice that compliance is not listed here although it is a component of traceability. This article is not de-emphasizing the important of [...]