How Mobile Device Management Software Can Protect Your Company


“One in six small to medium sized businesses suffers some kind of data loss (from malware or viruses) downloaded to mobile devices”, reported Robert Gorby, global head of business marketing at security company AVG Technologies. These devices include smart phones, laptops and flash drives – many of which have been brought from home by employees. [...]

Job Costing vs. Process Costing: Whats the Difference?


We run into a lot of confusion with many customers who want to know if ourjob costing software is also process costing software. In short, yes, but lets explore the difference between job costing and process costing. The primary goal of both job costing and process costing in the manufacturing profession is to determine the actual cost [...]

Traceability = Profitability for Companies in the Food Industry


Companies in the food industry have three primary objectives for purchasing and implementing a traceability solution: to reduce the cost of precision, better supply management with information, and to ensure food safety and quality control (QC). Notice that compliance is not listed here although it is a component of traceability. This article is not de-emphasizing the important of [...]

5 Benefits of Construction Job Costing Software


Contractors continually tell us that job costing, and managing job profitability, is one of the most difficult initiatives they have to tackle. Not because math was their worst subject in school, or because they lack business savvy. The reality is that for many contractors lack the resources needed to accurately assess they’re business for accounting [...]

5 Questions to Ask About Software Support


The first point to make regarding software support is that it is necessary for the ongoing health and security of your network, program and business. Businesses rely on software applications to automate operational processes such as job costing, warehouse management, and more. Without software patches, trouble support and training business productivity, security and profitability are [...]

Getting a Capital Purchase Approved for a Cost Center


The most important thing to remember when submitting a proposal for new equipment or software is to present your Business Case.  In other words, how is this investment going to help your company’s bottom line?  Will it save money by reducing costs or by increasing revenue – or, ideally, both! Profit Centers vs.Cost Centers A [...]

Five Ways Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Bottom Line


The following guest post was submitted by Caitlin Laura, with Experian QAS. Caitlin is a small business owner who continues to look for ways to save money and be more efficient.  In a time of a recession, for small businesses to increase their bottom line they need to focus on calculating actual costs of running a [...]

Food Traceability Methodology – Track by Lot or By Carton?


Recently there has been a lot of attention being paid to Food Traceability.  There’s the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), which “requires” lot traceability for fresh produce by the first of 2013.   The FDA has been auditing fresh fish processors to assure lots can be traced.  It just makes sense to be able to recall any [...]