Do SMBs Really Need Equipment Tracking Software?


A company’s assets include any capital investments such as heavy equipment, tools, vehicles and inventory. If information regarding these assets is inaccurate or out of date, they could unexpectedly be out of service or missing, leading to excess waste, reduced productivity and increased replacement expenses. Effective asset tracking software establishes chain-of-custody and accountability as well [...]

Now SMBs Can Get Lean with Barcode Software


Lean Manufacturing can be described as the art of doing more with less through the reduction of waste. A simpler description is “organized common sense”. The objective is to specify the value you add, identify the value stream, make products flow at the rate of customer demand, and constantly strive to improve. Unfortunately, for many [...]

Getting a Capital Purchase Approved for a Cost Center


The most important thing to remember when submitting a proposal for new equipment or software is to present your Business Case.  In other words, how is this investment going to help your company’s bottom line?  Will it save money by reducing costs or by increasing revenue – or, ideally, both! Profit Centers vs.Cost Centers A [...]

6 Things to Get Your Purchase Order Requests Approved


We’ve already discussed why it’s important to present a Business Case when submitting a purchase request for new capital equipment or software.  The structure of your presentation is also important.  In order to have the most impact, it should include these 6 elements. Executive Summary The summary is a description of the situation and the [...]

Five Ways Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Bottom Line


The following guest post was submitted by Caitlin Laura, with Experian QAS. Caitlin is a small business owner who continues to look for ways to save money and be more efficient.  In a time of a recession, for small businesses to increase their bottom line they need to focus on calculating actual costs of running a [...]

Moving Offices? Don’t leave IT behind!


The following guest post was kindly submitted by Clare Moorhouse, a writer at Help Moving Office, a free online resource that guides companies through the office relocation process. If your company is planning to relocate to new offices, make sure you give careful thought to how you are going to seamlessly migrate your company’s most business critical [...]