4 Ways Barcode Solutions Benefits Profitability


1. Improved Data Accuracy Data hygiene is the single most common reason companies list for implementing a barcode system. This is because quality, coherent data is most often the backbone of operations and sales. Data entry enables a company to produce accurate reports and forecasts based on informed analysis and actionable conclusions. Considering the critical [...]

Barcode Solutions: Money Making or Money Saving?


If you are part of a company, then you know that there two categories of initiatives for you company to engage in. Category 1: Money Making Initiatives are the primary reasons a business exist. Into this category fall all investments, employees, activities and efforts which have the singular goal of generating greater ROI. In summary, generating [...]

4 Ways to Drive Profitability with IT Asset Tracking Software


Meet Your Capital and Expense Goals with Uncanny Precision In the current economic climate, companies must find ways to reduce operating costs in order to improve overall profitability. Strategies and methods used to accomplish this rang from work-force reductions, corporate restructuring, reduced spending, processes automation and so on… Following the events of 2008, businesses have [...]

RFID Asset Tracking vs. Barcode Asset Tracking: 3 Things to Consider


Regardless of the environment, asset management begins with uniquely identifying each asset. This concept is easy to understand but is often challenging to execute. So why would you select an RFID tag rather than a linear or 2D barcode? Especially when considering that RFID can be much more complex, the tags are more expensive. Likewise, RFID [...]

Food Safety Modernization Act Update


On January 4, 2011 President Obama signed into law the FSMA (FSMA) instructing the FDA to, among other things, define how to track food-borne illness back to its source. The deadline for this plan was 2 years, which would make it due the end of 2012. At that time, the FDA is required to provide farmers and [...]

Job Costing vs. Process Costing: Whats the Difference?


We run into a lot of confusion with many customers who want to know if ourjob costing software is also process costing software. In short, yes, but lets explore the difference between job costing and process costing. The primary goal of both job costing and process costing in the manufacturing profession is to determine the actual cost [...]

Traceability = Profitability for Companies in the Food Industry


Companies in the food industry have three primary objectives for purchasing and implementing a traceability solution: to reduce the cost of precision, better supply management with information, and to ensure food safety and quality control (QC). Notice that compliance is not listed here although it is a component of traceability. This article is not de-emphasizing the important of [...]

5 Benefits of Construction Job Costing Software


Contractors continually tell us that job costing, and managing job profitability, is one of the most difficult initiatives they have to tackle. Not because math was their worst subject in school, or because they lack business savvy. The reality is that for many contractors lack the resources needed to accurately assess they’re business for accounting [...]

Getting a Capital Purchase Approved for a Cost Center


The most important thing to remember when submitting a proposal for new equipment or software is to present your Business Case.  In other words, how is this investment going to help your company’s bottom line?  Will it save money by reducing costs or by increasing revenue – or, ideally, both! Profit Centers vs.Cost Centers A [...]

6 Things to Get Your Purchase Order Requests Approved


We’ve already discussed why it’s important to present a Business Case when submitting a purchase request for new capital equipment or software.  The structure of your presentation is also important.  In order to have the most impact, it should include these 6 elements. Executive Summary The summary is a description of the situation and the [...]