4 Things Your Business Should Know About RFID Technology


1. RFID can lead to increased visibility There is much speculation about the use of RFID chips for surveillance. Google is packed with discourse about how the government could constantly track us through our clothing, money, food, shoes or other belongings. Many companies ask us if their business could use RFID to increase visibility and control [...]

A Cost Benefit Analysis of Barcoding


Besides the cost of the solution, including the printers and labels, scanners, and software, the cost justification for an Auto ID system can be a tricky. Prevailing wisdom says that a barcode system pays for itself in less than two years, but this figure is dependent upon a company’s commitment to enterprise-wide implementation and adoption of [...]

Barcode Solution Best Practices for Process Automation


Terms such as best practices, processes and work-flow are mentioned frequently during the installation of a new barcode tracking system. But what are process best practices and why should you care? When working with new customers, we like to remind companies the barcode and auto-id systems don’t replace your existing processes, but support them. In any business, whether it [...]

Field Mobility: Barcode & RFID Outside the Office


For the past 30 years, barcode and, more recently, RFID applications have been used within the confines of a single location for fulfilling manufacturing work orders, managing inventory and warehouse distribution and retail point-of-sale. With the advancement of mobile and wireless networks and devices, the barcode landscape has changed significantly. Increased coverage, better device reception [...]

RFID Asset Tracking vs. Barcode Asset Tracking: 3 Things to Consider


Regardless of the environment, asset management begins with uniquely identifying each asset. This concept is easy to understand but is often challenging to execute. So why would you select an RFID tag rather than a linear or 2D barcode? Especially when considering that RFID can be much more complex, the tags are more expensive. Likewise, RFID [...]

Smart Printing: Print Barcode Labels and Receipts without a Computer


Typically when a company implements a barcode printing solution, it consists of a computer (either stand-alone or on a network), software, and the printer itself (table-top or mobile).  Smart printers, however, take advantage of the memory and processing power of the printer to run independent print operations without the need for a computer.  Reduce IT [...]

Use of RFID over Voice Processing


There have been many discussions on the usage of bar codes and radio frequency identification techniques in warehouses.  Each time the focus of the conversation has turned towards RFID. RFID asset tracking has been known to be beneficial for larger operations while barcodes are preferred for smaller operations, mostly due to the cost.  All of [...]