4 Ways Barcode Solutions Benefits Profitability


1. Improved Data Accuracy Data hygiene is the single most common reason companies list for implementing a barcode system. This is because quality, coherent data is most often the backbone of operations and sales. Data entry enables a company to produce accurate reports and forecasts based on informed analysis and actionable conclusions. Considering the critical [...]

It’s All about the Barcode Label – 6 Questions to Help you Decide


Installing a New Barcode System? Start with the Label! The best advice I can give to a company that is planning to implement a new barcode system is that it all starts with the label.Barcoding automates manual processes by allowing users to scan a barcode where they would usually be required to manually input data. This needs to be consistant throughout your process, [...]

Label Stuck in Your Barcode Printer? What Not To Do!


One of the most common and frustrating problems that occurs when you are printing bar code labels is when the label peels off the backing and sticks to the printer – usually either the platen or the printhead. I know your first inclination is to scrape it off and keep printing. Don’t do that!  2 thing you should [...]

I’ve Been Asked to Put a Barcode Label on my Packages by My Customer


This kind of request is what we “in the industry” call Compliance Labeling.  Your customer is asking you to comply with a requirement to label incoming product.  It’s a very common request in the automotive and aerospace industries and is a growing trend in fresh food, pharmaceuticals and other industries that are subject to recalls. [...]