3 Tips for Protecting IT Assets During an Office Relocation


The following is a guest post Gaurav Tandon, a freelance editor and writer for a popular online business magazine. He is also a writer and blogger for leading office relation company, a business relocation company based in England. In his free time, Gaurav enjoys playing cricket, soccer, and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and [...]

Five Ways Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Bottom Line


The following guest post was submitted by Caitlin Laura, with Experian QAS. Caitlin is a small business owner who continues to look for ways to save money and be more efficient.  In a time of a recession, for small businesses to increase their bottom line they need to focus on calculating actual costs of running a [...]

Moving Offices? Don’t leave IT behind!


The following guest post was kindly submitted by Clare Moorhouse, a writer at Help Moving Office, a free online resource that guides companies through the office relocation process. If your company is planning to relocate to new offices, make sure you give careful thought to how you are going to seamlessly migrate your company’s most business critical [...]

Advancements in Asset Tracking Within the Industrial Sector


The following guest post was contributed by Abbas Hussain, a blogger who talks about asset tracking and steel buildings for companies like Cyclone Steel Buildings. What is asset tracking? Asset tracking makes use of various tools to keep record of both physical and non-physical assets in order to be able to not only account for their whereabouts, [...]