4 Things Your Business Should Know About RFID Technology


1. RFID can lead to increased visibility There is much speculation about the use of RFID chips for surveillance. Google is packed with discourse about how the government could constantly track us through our clothing, money, food, shoes or other belongings. Many companies ask us if their business could use RFID to increase visibility and control [...]

Tablet Computing and Enterprise Mobility – 3 Tips in 2012


Enterprises and SMBs alike are becoming more mobile and their users becoming more demanding. Businesses are turning to new solutions and adopting technology such as tablets with the same intensity and appetite of consumers. Since Apple’s iPad debuted in January 2010, the integration of tablet devices in the workplace has progressed rapidly. We want to highlight 3 [...]

2012 IT Budget Priorities: Enterprise Mobility & Information Systems


According to CIO Insight, enterprise mobility and wireless network infrastructures are the top spending initiatives when it comes to IT budget planning for 2012. According to research conducted by CIO Insight, planned expense increases are focused on cloud computing, mobility, infrastructure, security and process improvements. The article spoke of three trends in post-recession spending:  innovation, integration and reversion. You [...]

Planning a Wireless Network


If you are thinking about a wireless network in your facility, there are some things to consider. Planning and installing a wireless network is not easy nor are their very many third party companies that can do it well (as many of you reading this can probably attest). So what should you look for when [...]

2 Common Causes of Dead Spots in Your Wireless Network


We receive hundreds of calls from business owners who want to purchase and install additional wireless access points. Over time we have learned to ask them “Why?” Often the response is it’s because they are experiencing what they call “dead spots” or areas of with no network connectivity. Before you invest more into wireless access points and [...]

Field Mobility: Barcode & RFID Outside the Office


For the past 30 years, barcode and, more recently, RFID applications have been used within the confines of a single location for fulfilling manufacturing work orders, managing inventory and warehouse distribution and retail point-of-sale. With the advancement of mobile and wireless networks and devices, the barcode landscape has changed significantly. Increased coverage, better device reception [...]

Rugged Mobile Devices v. Consumer Electronics


Recently, PC world released an article describing an in house iPad stress test they conducted. This inspired me to write this post on the importance of researching IP Ratings and Drop Tests in relation to enterprise mobility solutions such as tablet computing. For the majority of our customers in the manufacturing, fabrication, construction, field service and logistics [...]

How Mobile Device Management Software Can Protect Your Company


“One in six small to medium sized businesses suffers some kind of data loss (from malware or viruses) downloaded to mobile devices”, reported Robert Gorby, global head of business marketing at security company AVG Technologies. These devices include smart phones, laptops and flash drives – many of which have been brought from home by employees. [...]