Barcodes and QR Codes


What are QR codes? QR Codes, also known as “Quick Response” codes, are an advanced form of a barcode that can store over 1800 characters of text information. With the advent of smartphones and QR code reader mobile applications, QR codes have grown in popularity for their convenience in transferring information to a cell phone. [...]

How Big (or Small) Can My Barcode Label Be?


You have a very small item or space to put a barcode label on.  Or you want to be able to read your barcode label from a distance which would require a very large label.  It this possible? The answer is a “qualified yes”, and it is dependent not only on the label itself but [...]

4 Things Your Business Should Know About RFID Technology


1. RFID can lead to increased visibility There is much speculation about the use of RFID chips for surveillance. Google is packed with discourse about how the government could constantly track us through our clothing, money, food, shoes or other belongings. Many companies ask us if their business could use RFID to increase visibility and control [...]

10 Biggest Inventory Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


As we come to the end of 2011, it comes time to audit our inventory. Many companies are just now thinking about their inventory management solution or lack thereof. All of us on the team at Dynamic Systems Inc. want to help. We put our heads together and came up with what we believe are the top [...]

How Job Costing Software Benefits Manufacturers


Job costing software may or may not be an integrated component of your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In either case, accurately measuring the cost of a job (parts + labor) will allow manufacturers to save money and increase efficiencies in a tough economy. There are two basic ways to better measure direct production costs: manufacturing [...]

Introduction to Barcode Technology


Bar coding is a form of keyless data entry allowing for the automatic identification and collection of data. This is often referred to as Auto ID or AIDC (automatic identification and data collection). History of Bar Coding In 1974, the first the first bar coding was introduced to the retail world on a packet of [...]

4 Ways Barcode Solutions Benefits Profitability


1. Improved Data Accuracy Data hygiene is the single most common reason companies list for implementing a barcode system. This is because quality, coherent data is most often the backbone of operations and sales. Data entry enables a company to produce accurate reports and forecasts based on informed analysis and actionable conclusions. Considering the critical [...]

A Cost Benefit Analysis of Barcoding


Besides the cost of the solution, including the printers and labels, scanners, and software, the cost justification for an Auto ID system can be a tricky. Prevailing wisdom says that a barcode system pays for itself in less than two years, but this figure is dependent upon a company’s commitment to enterprise-wide implementation and adoption of [...]

It’s All about the Barcode Label – 6 Questions to Help you Decide


Installing a New Barcode System? Start with the Label! The best advice I can give to a company that is planning to implement a new barcode system is that it all starts with the label.Barcoding automates manual processes by allowing users to scan a barcode where they would usually be required to manually input data. This needs to be consistant throughout your process, [...]

Barcode Solution Best Practices for Process Automation


Terms such as best practices, processes and work-flow are mentioned frequently during the installation of a new barcode tracking system. But what are process best practices and why should you care? When working with new customers, we like to remind companies the barcode and auto-id systems don’t replace your existing processes, but support them. In any business, whether it [...]