Introduction to Barcode Technology


Bar coding is a form of keyless data entry allowing for the automatic identification and collection of data. This is often referred to as Auto ID or AIDC (automatic identification and data collection). History of Bar Coding In 1974, the first the first bar coding was introduced to the retail world on a packet of [...]

Barcode Solution Best Practices for Process Automation


Terms such as best practices, processes and work-flow are mentioned frequently during the installation of a new barcode tracking system. But what are process best practices and why should you care? When working with new customers, we like to remind companies the barcode and auto-id systems don’t replace your existing processes, but support them. In any business, whether it [...]

Ten Questions to Guide You in Shopping for Asset Tracking Software


If you are researching different asset tracking software solutions, asking the following questions could help you determine your requirements and evaluate which asset tracking software is the best fit for your company. 1. Why do you want to track your assets? Is it to improve SOX compliance, get better inventory control, improve tax rebates, reduce [...]

Who Makes the Best Asset Tracking Software


In its simplest form, asset tracking software is no more than a mere transactional database which stores all your asset data and meta-data such as location. By that definition, almost anything can function as asset tracking software. Keep this in mind when shopping around. Many software providers will lure you in with glittery graphical user interfaces [...]

Getting a Capital Purchase Approved for a Cost Center


The most important thing to remember when submitting a proposal for new equipment or software is to present your Business Case.  In other words, how is this investment going to help your company’s bottom line?  Will it save money by reducing costs or by increasing revenue – or, ideally, both! Profit Centers vs.Cost Centers A [...]

6 Things to Get Your Purchase Order Requests Approved


We’ve already discussed why it’s important to present a Business Case when submitting a purchase request for new capital equipment or software.  The structure of your presentation is also important.  In order to have the most impact, it should include these 6 elements. Executive Summary The summary is a description of the situation and the [...]