Barcode Solution Best Practices for Process Automation


Terms such as best practices, processes and work-flow are mentioned frequently during the installation of a new barcode tracking system. But what are process best practices and why should you care? When working with new customers, we like to remind companies the barcode and auto-id systems don’t replace your existing processes, but support them. In any business, whether it [...]

Barcode Solutions: Money Making or Money Saving?


If you are part of a company, then you know that there two categories of initiatives for you company to engage in. Category 1: Money Making Initiatives are the primary reasons a business exist. Into this category fall all investments, employees, activities and efforts which have the singular goal of generating greater ROI. In summary, generating [...]

Now SMBs Can Get Lean with Barcode Software


Lean Manufacturing can be described as the art of doing more with less through the reduction of waste. A simpler description is “organized common sense”. The objective is to specify the value you add, identify the value stream, make products flow at the rate of customer demand, and constantly strive to improve. Unfortunately, for many [...]

Job Costing vs. Process Costing: Whats the Difference?


We run into a lot of confusion with many customers who want to know if ourjob costing software is also process costing software. In short, yes, but lets explore the difference between job costing and process costing. The primary goal of both job costing and process costing in the manufacturing profession is to determine the actual cost [...]

5 Benefits of Construction Job Costing Software


Contractors continually tell us that job costing, and managing job profitability, is one of the most difficult initiatives they have to tackle. Not because math was their worst subject in school, or because they lack business savvy. The reality is that for many contractors lack the resources needed to accurately assess they’re business for accounting [...]

Five Ways Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Bottom Line


The following guest post was submitted by Caitlin Laura, with Experian QAS. Caitlin is a small business owner who continues to look for ways to save money and be more efficient.  In a time of a recession, for small businesses to increase their bottom line they need to focus on calculating actual costs of running a [...]