Now SMBs Can Get Lean with Barcode Software


Lean Manufacturing can be described as the art of doing more with less through the reduction of waste. A simpler description is “organized common sense”. The objective is to specify the value you add, identify the value stream, make products flow at the rate of customer demand, and constantly strive to improve. Unfortunately, for many [...]

What is the GS-1 Food Traceability Initiative?


The first question to answer is “what or who is GS-1?” GS-1 is a not-for-profit member organization whose mission is to design and implement global standards for the world-wide supply chain. GS-1 is not a government agency, but an independent organization that includes members from manufacturing, retail and wholesale companies. Its initiatives include standardization in [...]

Steps to Selecting an ID Card Printer


There is increased interest in ID systems that automate security access, labor reporting, and government facility access as well as customer loyalty cards and memberships.   It’s important to regard this as an “ID System”, rather than just another printer.  For example, Who will operate the card printing system? Which department will “own” the deployment of [...]

Smart Printing: Print Barcode Labels and Receipts without a Computer


Typically when a company implements a barcode printing solution, it consists of a computer (either stand-alone or on a network), software, and the printer itself (table-top or mobile).  Smart printers, however, take advantage of the memory and processing power of the printer to run independent print operations without the need for a computer.  Reduce IT [...]

Increase Productivity with Hand-free Barcode Scanner


The Challange Pick up the scanner, scan label, put down scanner, stack or pack.  The additional motions take time and slow down productivity in warehouse, manufacturing and retail environments. The Solution One way to combat this time drain is to implement the use of “wearable” scanners. The 8650 Ring Scanner from LXE/Honeywell is a battery-powered Bluetooth [...]

Food Safety Modernization Act Update


On January 4, 2011 President Obama signed into law the FSMA (FSMA) instructing the FDA to, among other things, define how to track food-borne illness back to its source. The deadline for this plan was 2 years, which would make it due the end of 2012. At that time, the FDA is required to provide farmers and [...]

Job Costing vs. Process Costing: Whats the Difference?


We run into a lot of confusion with many customers who want to know if ourjob costing software is also process costing software. In short, yes, but lets explore the difference between job costing and process costing. The primary goal of both job costing and process costing in the manufacturing profession is to determine the actual cost [...]

Traceability = Profitability for Companies in the Food Industry


Companies in the food industry have three primary objectives for purchasing and implementing a traceability solution: to reduce the cost of precision, better supply management with information, and to ensure food safety and quality control (QC). Notice that compliance is not listed here although it is a component of traceability. This article is not de-emphasizing the important of [...]

5 Questions to Ask About Software Support


The first point to make regarding software support is that it is necessary for the ongoing health and security of your network, program and business. Businesses rely on software applications to automate operational processes such as job costing, warehouse management, and more. Without software patches, trouble support and training business productivity, security and profitability are [...]

3 Tips for Protecting IT Assets During an Office Relocation


The following is a guest post Gaurav Tandon, a freelance editor and writer for a popular online business magazine. He is also a writer and blogger for leading office relation company, a business relocation company based in England. In his free time, Gaurav enjoys playing cricket, soccer, and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and [...]