Equipment Maintenance Software Option

Finally, tool tracking software and maintenance scheduling software in one robust package. Extend the life of your equipment and tools and reduce overhead. Take confidence in knowing that your equipment service and repair requirements are performed on time, every time.

Easily maintain equipment by scheduled service times and set calibration requirements.

CheckMate software allows users to schedule pertinent equipment service events on a recurring basis. This allows companies to pull maintenance reports when it comes time for their bi-weekly or monthly equipment audits. It also makes it easy to flag an item for repair.

Reduce equipment down time.

Ever checked out a tool at a critical moment in a project only to find it in need of repair? CheckMate maintenance scheduler allows managers to know who last used a tool, the condition upon check in and when it was last serviced and the date of its next service.

Take tools out of commission to prevent scheduling overlaps.

By integrating your inventory with your maintenance schedule, you can reserve tools for service and repair so that managers will receive an unavailable alert upon attempted checkout.

Make informed decisions with comprehensive maintenance reports.

Run a number of custom reports on-demand to gain better insight into the status of your equipment inventory.

Manage costs associated with poorly maintained or neglected equipment.

Eliminate costly delays caused by broken or un-calibrated tools.