Barcode and Asset Tracking Software – U.S. Military Edition

tracking software,assets,equpment tracking,tool tracking,document tracking,cac cards,usaf,coast guard,army,national guardCheckMate software has been used in all branches of the military for over 15 years.  The Toolroom and Document Tracking programs use CAC cards as the “badge” making it easier for military personnel  to set up the software and check out items, and the software has been designed for use both in the US and deployed overseas.

Toolroom tracks tools used in aircraft and vehicle repair as well as various equipment that requires periodic maintenance.

Document tracking is on many of the US Navy aircraft carriers tracking manuals and in other branches of the military tracking a variety of documents including records in military hospitals.

Capital Assets is used where the military is managing housing, and the USAF Childcare Centers use CheckMate to track books, toys and other items loaned out to Air Force families.

Stockroom is being used by the Coast Guard to manage inventory that is used on their boats both in the US and abroad.

Key features designed for the Military:

  • Use of CAC cards in place of “badge” in Toolroom & Document Tracking
  • Ability to print foreign languages (ie. Arabic) on inventory labels
  • Deployment option for Toolroom – allows a subset of equipment Inventory to be managed remotely
  • Reconfigured barcode hardware to meet military regulations
  • Special DOD pricing schemes

Military users of CheckMate:

  • Michigan Army National Guard
  • Ft. Stewart Lodging
  • USS Enterprise
  • Vance Air Force Base
  • Warren Air Force Base
  • USS Carl Vinson
  • USS John C. Stennis
  • Fort Bliss
  • Fort Lewis
  • Arizona Air National Guard
  • US Coast Guard
  • and more…