SIMBA Lite – Food Traceability Software

Finally, truly affordable food traceability software! Dynamic Systems experts successfully scaled down the full SIMBA product for small to mid sized food processors without cutting out much needed functionality.

Re-box / Commingle Upon Receiving

A little from this lot, a little from that, oh, and how about a new container. No problem.

Comprehensive Lot Traceability

Capture new lots as they come in, break lots into boxes and crates, place crates on pallets, place those pallets in inventory.

Rapid Turnover Inventory Management

SIMBA keeps detailed inventory records so that users can trace each inventory item to a location.

On-Demand Labeling

Respond to customers’ demands by printing labels exactly to their unique specifications. Capture ever detail, from the GS-1 bar code label to foreign languages and even content placement.

SIMBA ensures that each package, carton, or pallet can be traced back to the source offering maximum protection for you, your customers and the end consumer at large.

Shipment Verification

SIMBA Lite records exactly which carton or pallet is loaded onto what van, truck or container at the very moment it is loaded. Better yet, weight is atomically captured by the system which then generates a bill of lading and a manifest. Match This complete record to customers receiving documentation to eliminates customer short-shipment disputes.