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Law Enforcement Equipment Manager

CheckMate Equipment Manager for Law Enforcement was developed for those Agencies who want to have better control over their many pieces of police gear and to save time tracking down critical pieces of equipment.  The software uses fast and accurate barcode technology for check in/check out of the equipment. Know where it is, when it is due back, and whether it needs maintenance.

CheckMate will also keep track of an inventory of consumables, such as masksor gloves.  A minimum/maximum inventory level can be set for these items, and a reorder/replenishment report can be run at regular intervals.

Most important for Police safely, the software keeps track of both maintenance and expiration dates.  Reminders for items that need regular calibration, such as radar guns, can be entered, and the actual date of maintenance can be recorded.  Flags for expiration dates on vests, OC spray and other critical items can be set.

The software is easy to implement, easy to use and affordable.  Ask about our Data Upload feature to accelerate the initial data entry.

  • Know where your equipment is when you need it
  • Retain detailed records for audit trail
  • Schedule & track maintenance of equipment
  • Kit one officer’s equipment for easy one-scan check-out
  • Report overdue equipment
  • Reserve equipment
  • Print reports and design custom queries
  • Small 2-D “dots” available for labeling small items