RFID Technology

RFID Readers from Dynamic Systems Inc.Radio frequency identification (RFID) for data collection quickly gained attention for its ability to track moving objects and for the large amount of data that can be encoded in a small chip on a tag or label.  An RFID system requires a tag/ transponder, a Reader, and the Computer/Software Infrastructure to process the data collected from the tag.

RFID has not been adopted as quickly as first thought for several reasons, including:

  • The lack of standards across industries
  • The complexity of the middleware software requirements
  • The lack of equipment to read the tags in various environments, and
  • The high cost of the system

As technology improves and costs come down we will see RFID used for Asset Tracking (of expensive asset), Supply Chain Management, Retailing, Payment Systems, Security and Access Control, Animal & Fish Identification and more.

Featured Products:

Passive RFID Tag RFID tags come in different types of technology and vary in costs. DSI can help identify the best RFID tag or label for your requirements.
Zebra RFID printer or RFID encoder Zebra Technologies offers a full line of RFID Printer/Encoders,  from heavy-duty tabletop printers to small low-volume printers and  the first mobile printer that can produce an RFID label.