Honeywell and Zebra Technologies have studied the unique requirements of a Hospital or Clinic, and have designed products specifically for those environments. They include antimicrobial housings for the scanning products, antimicrobial wristbands for patients, and a printer specifically designed to produce durable wristbands quickly and easily.

Featured Products:

Honeywell,9900,antimicrobial terminal,barcode specimen,pharmacy barcode,wristband scanning Honeywell has addressed requirements in Point of Care, Specimen Collection, Pharmacy and Admissions.  Their products include both wired and wireless scanners and full Win CE-based terminals.  They are ergonomically designed for ease of use.
Zebra,HC100,wristband printer,wristband cartridge,admissions printer,barcoded wristbands The HC100 wristband printer from Zebra Technologies was designed for ease of use and low-cost production.  Wristbands are housed in cartridges that pop in and out of the printer, allowing admitting to change sizes and colors quickly and with no waste.  The small footprint takes up little space and the printer is quiet.
The Z-bands used in the HC100 come in a variety of sizes (adult and pediatric) and colors, are covered in a silver antimicrobial coating, and are durable – designed to scan for 14+ days.  The come in adhesive and color clip styles.