Fixed Mount Computer Terminals

Rugged vehicle mount computers are designed to endure demanding environments such as warehouses, docks, industrial manufacturing and seafood processing plants. This rugged functionality is tied up in a user-friendly PC like experience.

Featured Products:

AML,KDT900,kiosk terminal,barcode terminal,time and attendance,workstation,manufacturing floor terminal,wall mount barcode terminal,wireless wall mount The AML KDT900 Data Terminal is perfect for shop floor applications such as Job Costing and Work-in-Process. The compact size of the kiosk (just 5.75” x 6.625” x 2”) means it can be mounted on a work bench but take up little space.  It has a 5.6” VGA monitor, three USB ports to accommodate a barcode scanner and other peripherals, and comes with power-over-ethernet or wireless standard.  The KDT900 runs Win CE and Internet Explorer, and it’s low cost.
Unitech,MR650,fingerprint reader,proximity reader,wall mount,time and attendance,barcode,Windows CE terminal The MR650 from Unitech is designed to be a compact Time & Attendance and Access Control terminal.  It’s powered by Windows™ CE.NET 5.0 and has a 5.6” touchscreen.  Input options include a barcode slot scanner, a magnetic stripe reader, proximity card input and fingerprint reader.  Network connections include power-over-ethernet or wireless.
Psion,8515,vehicle-mount,forklift mount,rugged fixed mount terminal,barcode,wireless The Windows™ CE-based 8515 Vehicle Mount terminal from Psion has a full PC-style alphanumeric keyboard, a 6.4” VGA display and 2-way speaker/microphone with Push-to-Talk using VoIP.  The 8515 is designed for warehouse environments, so is shock & vibration resistant, has a 5% to 90% non-condensing humidity spec and is IP65 – resistant  to dust & water spra