Barcode Scanners

There are literally hundreds of barcode scanners on the market today, but only a few scanner engines.  You can choose a laser scanner, which handles long-range to short range scanning, and reads barcodes quickly, but is more fragile.  Imaging and CCD scanning technology is beginning to catch up to the laser scanners in performance and are typically more affordable.

Scanners can be purchased with corded (USB/Serial or Keyboard Wedge), cordless, and Bluetooth interface options.  They scan 1-D, 2-D or both types of codes.

DSI carries scanners from all the top manufacturers:  Honeywell, Intermec, Datalogic, Motorola, and Unitech.

Featured Products:

Honeywell,Xenon,state-of-the-art barcode scanner,damaged barcodes,high performance scanner Honeywell’s Xenon 1900 is the latest generation in imaging engines.  The Xenon’s technology results in faster, more reliable scanning, even with poor quality barcodes.  It also extends the depth of field of the imager.  The Xenon will literally take a picture, and allow the typical editing functions – brightening, rotating, sharpening and more.  The Xenon 1902 is the Bluetooth version of this new technology.
Unitech,low-cost barcode scanner,ccd scanner,rugged corded scanner Unitech’s MS335 CCD scanner offers reliable, durable barcode scanning – perfect for retail, healthcare and light industrial applications. It’s low cost makes it affordable for any sized business.