SIMBA Enterprise Food Traceability Software

Full cycle, All-in-One Food Traceability Software for enterprise level food processors, packers, shippers and cold storage operations.

Our full SIMBA solution offers:

  • Maximum flexibility to meet your businesses needs
  • Unlimited products, categories and descriptions
  • The ability to re-box and commingle throughout your process
  • and more!

Ultimate Product Flexibility

Processing 125 different species of fish is difficult enough, especially when each species has 5 different quality grades. SIMBA Food Traceability Software makes tacking, labeling and shipping a breeze.

Advanced Inventory Management

Sometimes you cannot sell an entire lot cabbage to the same customer. Dynamic Systems made it possible to pull products out cold storage and re-box / commingle as many times as needed from the time a lot is received until the time it exits inventory entirely.

Full Lot Traceability

Capture new lots into the systems as they arrive. Break lots into crates, place crates on pallets. Mix and match as you see fit. Gain peace of mind knowing everything is being traced with precision by SIMBA Food Traceability Software.

On-demand Shipping Labels

Create and print labels for a variety of different products, species and grades to exactly your customers specifications. Whether its the GS-1 barcode, a custom layout or the ability to print Chinese characters, SIMBA can do it on-the-fly.