Dynamic Systems and Motorola Solutions/Psion

Experts in Mobile Technology with Challenging Environments

Dynamic Systems is partnering with Psion and Motorola Solutions to solve more complex data collection requirements including RFID tracking of salmon in local streams and a low-cost method of collecting data from berry growers that is transmitted to a major jelly and jam company.   With the acquisition of Psion, Motorola has added data collection products designed for rugged and challenging environments to the already full line of barcode scanning equipment.

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RFID Solutions

RFID Is the Best Solution for People, Animal and Large Item Tracking

The use of RFID technology is becoming more affordable as federal government agencies and larger companies develop applications.   A solution based on RFID technology consists of the tag, the data collector (scanner) and the software or middleware to interpret the data stream from the data collector.  This technology most often applies to requirements to track an item (or person or animal) as it moves through a process or location.   Some typical uses of RFID technology include Animal Identification and Tracking, Access Control, Mobile Asset Tracking, Utilities Inspection and Uniform Rentals.

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The Cold Chain

Use Barcode Technology in your Freezers without Fear of Failure

We typically talk about the Supply Chain.  The Cold Chain is a subset of the Supply Chain that handles perishables that reside in coolers or freezers.  These environments present challenges for any piece of electronic equipment as it moves in and out of the low to freezing to moderate temperatures.  Psion’s  Cold Chain products have been developed to handle these wide temperature fluctuations without issues such as condensation or electronic failure.

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Low-cost Data Collection Solutions

Motorola’s “Smart” Scanner = Information and Cost Savings

Sometimes the simplest requirements are the hardest to provide within a tight budget.  When a major jelly and jam manufacturer needed to collect product shipment information from their berry growers, Dynamic Systems and Motorola teamed to develop a low-cost solution.  It consists of the MT2070 programmable scanner exporting to an excel spreadsheet.  The berry growers barcode and scan each barrel of processed berries when they ship to cold storage.  The data is exported to a pre-formatted Excel™ spreadsheet which is then emailed to the manufacturer and imported to Dynamic Systems’ SIMBA software.  Now the manufacturer has a handle on their raw materials inventory and the total cost to each grower is less than $1500!

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Mission Critical

Solutions for DOD That Improve Safety and Save Money

Government agencies and the Military are faced with mission critical situations world-wide.  When it comes to data collection, it’s important that the solution is literally bullet-proof!   And not only are the Psion products rugged, but they are modular.  What this means is if a scanner breaks, it can be replaced in the field.  If the agency decides they want to move from bar code data collection to RFID, the RFID reader can be added to the unit in the field.

Government agencies around the world rely on Psion devices every day to:

• Collect and access vital information in real-time
• Enhance critical communications between agencies
• Track location, maintenance status and availability of assets including vehicles, supplies, equipment
• Improve inventory tracking accuracy
• Improve inspection capability
• Reliably indentify personnel and constituents
• Increase productivity, responsiveness and operational efficiencies in key areas
• Reduce data entry errors and related administrative costs
• Integrate different IT systems to support a range of operations

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