Dynamic Systems and Intermec

Increasing profitability by helping businesses efficiently manage their assets

Dynamic Systems and Intermec have teamed up to bring you the leading edge technology and solutions to improve your data collection needs and maximize your companies Return On Investment. From manufacturing, warehouse and distribution to field service, food traceability and public sector/law enforcement, we can develop a custom solution to meet your specific deployment environment needs.

Our flexible suite of applications and Intermec versatile and reliable data-collection solutions can help you achieve accuracy up to 99.99% and increase productivity 15% to 25% or more.



Higher return from your manufacturing assets

Whether you need parts marking to track work-in-process, real-time data capture integrated into MES, WMS, ERP or other management systems, or fully-automated, hands-free data collection, we can help reduce errors and significantly increase productivity in manufacturing operations.

Our integrated data collection solution can handle labor-intensive assembly tasks with fixed-mounted computers and wireless scanners all the way to fully automated environments with printer applicators and RFID readers.

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Helping you deliver your products efficiently

Warehouse and distribution-center operations require a wide range of rugged data collection systems and wireless networks designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

Dynamic Systems and Intermec offer unmatched efficiency and value with solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Intermec offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products to provide long-lasting, high-speed data collection and communications for real-time tracking of inventory, labor productivity, and delivery status. Our focused distribution/warehouse solutions seamlessly interface with your WMS and ERP systems in real-time to give you full visibility into your inventory.

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Transportation & Logistics

Improve customer satisfaction and your profits

If regulatory changes, skyrocketing fuel costs and driver shortage is impacting your customer service and profits, then we have a solution to meet your needs.

The Dynamic Systems and Intermec transportation and logistics solution, provides your organization with the right tools to record real-time delivery, automate workflows, and gather more detail without added burden on your drivers. This will significantly improves customer service, increase revenue opportunities and improve cash flow.

You can ensure that everyone in the organization has the most accurate and timely information available to make more informed decisions, respond to customer needs and drive higher productivity from the field – in real-time.

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Law Enforcement

Speed up your e-citation process

With ever-increasing strain on already limited resources and the high safety risks facing field officers, every second counts when issuing and processing citations. Add the complexity of reduced tax revenue and budget constraints for new equipment and officers, a solution is not a luxury but a necessity.

Dynamic Systems and Intermec can deliver a cost effective solution to help your organization increase productivity, efficiency and revenue while also cutting costs and increasing officer safety. From moving violations to parking/ordinance violations, you can rely on Dynamic Systems and Intermec to speed up your e-citation process.

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Public Sector

In critical situations there is no margin for error

First responders need to evaluate and plan the appropriate course of action before they arrive on the scene. Instant communication on the status of equipment inventory and information systems enables wiser decisions to be made in and out of theater, and enables responses to be made quickly and effectively.

Working closely with Intermec Public Sector team, Dynamic Systems can design and deploy operations and logistics management solutions to support critical public service needs. Federal Agencies, State and Local Governments and first responders can substantially improve processes around their operations, assets and service deliveries.


Food Traceability Labeling

From field to fork – we have the solution you need

The demands of food-safety legislation, industry regulations, and increased public scrutiny have never been greater. You need cost-effective food-traceability solutions that improve the efficiency of both your operations and your employees, while also ensuring your compliance with current and future regulations.

As a Intermec partner, Dynamic Systems provides the most versatile and reliable portfolio of rugged mobile technologies specifically tailored to support food-traceability solutions. We can help you improve efficiency, safeguard public health, increase customer satisfaction, and provide the means to comply with FDA mandates.

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