High Quality Scan Engines and Rugged Mobile Computers Equal Superior Performance

Honeywell and Dynamic Systems have teamed to bring some unique solutions to the marketplace.  Honeywell has a goal of becoming the largest barcode equipment manufacturer in the world.   Their products extend from smart phones and low cost scanners to freezer-rated mobile computers.

By combining DSI’s traceability and barcode tracking software with Honeywell’s rugged mobile computers in Cold Storage facilities, in the Produce Fields and on Construction Sites, we are bringing automation to industries new to barcoding that are recognizing the value of using an automated tracking system.


Cold Storage

You Need a Rugged Mobile Device that Easily Adapts from Normal Temperatures to Cold Conditions

Cold air, frost and condensation – each of these elements creates a specific challenge for rugged mobile computing equipment. The insulation used to keep refrigerated and frozen storage areas cold also poses problems when it comes to wireless connectivity.   Standard computer mod­els deliver less-than-sub­standard performance if they are consistently used inside freezers or exposed to frequent tem­perature changes. In fact, moving the computer be­tween normal and cold areas is extraordinarily hard on just about every part of the device, even if it’s ruggedized.  Read “The Cold Hard Facts” to learn how to eliminate these issues in your cold storage facility.

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Choosing a Mobile Computer

How To Sift Through the Choices and Pick the Right Barcode Mobile Computer for Your Needs

There are many aspects that have to be taken into account when selecting the right mobile computer for your warehouse applications, such as the level of ruggedness, ergonomics, operating system, data collection – and wireless tech- nologies.  Another important aspect of evaluating devices is calculating the investment protection over the lifespan of the devices’ deployment.  But the single most important factor is the end-users.  Learn how to determine the best solution for your environment.

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Case Study – Fruit Grower

One Fruit Grower Uses Barcode To Bring Quality and Freshness Plus Traceability to Their Customers

Gentle, rapid and accurate handling is the cornerstone of getting fresh produce from the fields to the customer.  Scanning boxes of fruit in the field produces more accurate data for tracking picker payment and productivity, and inventory.  Gerawan Farms featured in this case study had their own programmer on staff.  If you don’t have that talent available to you, check out SIMBA from Dynamic Systems.

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SIMBA Produce


Tracing Food in the Supply Chain

Traceability Is Becoming an Industry (As Well As Federal) Mandate in the Food Industry

High-profile instances of food contami­nation highlight the need for better food traceability — knowing when and where fruits and vegetables were picked, with the ability to trace these items from the field to the packing center to store shelves.  Three associations — United Fresh Produce Association, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and the (US) Produce Marketing Association are sponsoring an industry-led effort to standardize industry traceability throughout the entire produce supply chain.

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