Tool Tracking Helps GE Aviation Eliminate Production Disruptions

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Customer Success Story: GE Aviation

When it comes to  jet engines for military, commercial and executive aircraft, GE Aviation is the foremost leading engineering and manufacturing firm in the world. Not only that, but technology derived from aircraft engines has enabled GE Aviation to make significant and innovative advancements on engines developed for marine applications.

The Challenge

GE manufactures the best jet engines in the world and have worked hard to distinguish their engines as quietest, cleanest, and most fuel-efficient engines on the market.GE Aviation uses a variety of tools to manufacture their jet engines, each of which can cost thousands of dollars. Lost or damaged tools results in significant increases in overhead costs. This includes both the cost of replacement, repair or delays in product completion.

Smaller tools can easily be lost or stolen while many finer tools need to be periodically calibrated and serviced after  a set number of uses. GE was running into issues with having to swap out and calibrate or sharpen tools while in the middle of production. This was disrupting flow, resulting in bottlenecks and wasted time.

Tool Tracking - Engine Manufacturing

 The Solution

Dynamic Systems solutions architects helped GE quickly implement a solution that would eliminate further production disruptions. CheckMate Tool Tracking Software is designed to allow tool managers to place use limitations on tools and assets. Drill bits for example need to be sharpened after a specific number of uses. Using this feature, managers will limit the number of times a tool can be checked out of the tool crib. This avoids having to swap out or sharpen that tool in the middle of a job.  What this means is they always have a good tool to use for their job, eliminating that bottleneck and saving time and money.