Tool Tracking Provides 99% Inventory Accuracy

Erickson’s Drying Systems Corp.

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Construction and Restoration

Erickson's response team driving through standing water

“I would recommend this software. It’s very powerful and yet extremely easy to learn and use. The people at Dynamic Systems were there for us every step of the way.”

- Eddie Karam, IT Manager, Erickson’s Drying

About Erickson’s Drying

Erickson’s is a full service water, fire, flood and mold remediation contractor, available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year throughout Florida.  For that reason, their field response teams are highly mobile, reactive, and spread over great distances.


ireneThe equipment used on their jobs can cost as much as $10,000 for a high quality blower, and with multiple jobs in process at any one time, keeping track of their equipment was an issue. Using CheckMate tool tracking software, Erickson’s was able to reduce cycle time and improve equipment maintenance in their warehouse.

A major challenge facing restoration companies is making sure that not only is all equipment maintained and stored correctly but that it returns from job sites. Disaster areas are chaotic by nature, so the loss of equipment is common. One restoration company indicated that they had blowers from several competitors in their warehouse that had been found abandoned on large job sites.


Erickson's Equipment

Erickson’s management team decided to overcome this challenge using bar code software. They contacted Dynamic Systems and discussed their options. Dynamic Systems’ solutions architects designed a comprehensive tool tracking solution for Erickson’s utilizing the latest in mobile technology. Using CheckMate Tool Tracking Software and scanner equipped mobile computers with integrated cell phone capability, mobilized response teams can update and track inventory while in the field.

Erickson’s Drying has over 2000 pieces of equipment, tools and consumables in their warehouse, in trucks or on jobs sites. Teams manage equipment inventory using CheckMate Tool Tracking Software. By scanning a bar code label attached to each piece of equipment using Motorola MC75 mobile terminals, employees can quickly update inventory, check tools in or out from the field. Once a job is complete, the equipment is either redeployed to another job or returned to the warehouse. Additionally, equipment is often redeployed before returning to inventory. Dynamic Systems’ CheckMate captures the transfer of equipment from one job to another and transmits the data back to the central database via a 3G cell network thus allowing managers to know where equipment is in real-time.


Erickson’s Drying was able to achieve 99% inventory accuracy and better alignment between management and operations has led to a 20% lift in efficiency.