Air National Guard Now Locate Their Gear Quicker

airplane tools,tool tracking,airplane maintenance equipment,equipment managementThe Air National Guard is responsible for emergency relief support during natural disasters, for search and rescue operations, maintenance of vital public services and counter-drug operations.  Their equipment includes helicopters and other airplanes, military equipment, disaster relief equipment and much more.

Guardsmen are typically part-time, so any software they use as to be very intuitive – something they can learn quickly and on the job.  The Air National Guard units in Arizona, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon and more have turned to CheckMate Toolroom.

The Guardsmen can locate the gear they need quickly, even if they haven’t been on duty for weeks and have forgotten equipment locations.  They can consistently meet the strict requirements for aircraft maintenance by recording details for equipment repairs and calibration.  CheckMate Toolroom maintains consistency of operations in an important job for the Guard.

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