Tracking System Ensures Gear Is Available & Working for SWAT

police equipment,tracking software,barcode equipment,law enforcement equipment,labelsIn the business of Law Enforcement, equipment can not only be expensive, but it is critical to the safety of the officers.  A solution that can track who has what uniform or rifle and can keep track of maintenance and expiration dates is important.

When SWAT of Snohomish County, Washington investigated the capabilities of CheckMate Toolroom software for equipment tracking, they found that Toolroom can keep track of what gear is checked out to which officer and will report if this gear is not checked back in at the due date.  The maintenance module schedules and records maintenance on the equipment and flags expiration dates on such items as OC spray.  Photos, calibration certificates and manuals can be attached to the item file for fast reference.

Checkmate is an important tool for the Police – ensuring their gear is available, safe and up to date at all times.

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