Time & Attendance System Streamlines Tracking Workers Hours

time and attendance software,construction payroll,fixed mount scanner,barcode badgesIn the construction industry, keeping track of workers’ hours is always a challenge.  The turnover is typically high; they check in for work at various locations; and paperwork is not top priority.  One company decided the way to solve the problem was to install a CheckMate JobData Time & Attendance system.

The company purchased Unitech MR650 terminals to be used as the data collector for the software and installed these terminals at various locations around their corporate facilities.  The system is designed to record “start” time upon a scan of an employee’s barcode,  automatically record breaks and lunch,   and automatically “clock out” the employee at the end of a shift to streamline the check-out function.

CheckMate JobData was chosen because it was the most affordable system that met their requirements, and now their accounting department has accurate employee payroll data.


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