Stockroom Improves Inventory Accuracy & Reduces Overbuying 

When a Seattle-area bakery started looking for an inventory management system for their fast-growing multi-state business, they had specific requirements.  First, it had to be affordable.  Then it needed to be able to record multiple units of measure, as they purchase in “bags, jars, ounces, pounds, etc.”  It needed to use barcode for accuracy and most importantly have great technical support, as their workers are bakers, not IT personnel.  CheckMate Stockroom met all of their requirements.

They chose to implement the system in their busiest bakery first.  This meant having the software reside in the Seattle area corporate office, with the users in the Boston area facility.  DSI assisted with the installation of a VPN (virtual private network), which allows the workers to use the software and upload current information “live”.  Accounting and management have visibility to the inventory at all times, and can run reports as needed.

The installation of Stockroom has improved their inventory accuracy, reduced rush orders, reduced overbuying and in general streamlined the purchasing and inventory process for this small business.

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