Inventory Management System Solves Difficult Problems

Inventory Management Case Study - IIGIndustrial Insulation Group, LLC

Brunswick, GA

Industrial Materials Manufacturing

About Industrial Insulation Group

Inventory Management Software Success Story: Industrial Insulation Group

Industrial Insulation Group makes commercial grade insulation for mechanical/power pipe systems.  IIG started in 2002 with one goal in mind: manufacture the world best industrial insulation. With manufacturing facilities throughout the united states and China, their products are now respected globally as the best isullation for elevated temperature processes and fireproofing in the refining, petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, metals manufacturing industries.

The Challenge

They were looking for an affordable inventory system that was flexible enough to handle their unique inventory requirements.

The affordability of the system along with Dynamic Systems’ ability to program custom modifications allowed IIG Minwool to mold the software for their specific needs.  They have a number of complex labels that are required for their product inventory.  DSI was able to automate the printing of these labels by integrating Bartender™ software from Seagull Scientific with CheckMate Stockroom.  When an IIG employee needs to print a product label, they enter the item screen, then push the custom “print” button, and the correctly formatted label is produced.

IIG Minwool appreciated the ability to work directly with the DSI programming management staff to develop their customized application.

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