Tool & Supply Company Uses Rugged Scanners

mobile barcode scanner,route sales,barcode scanner with cell phone,field deliveriesGeneral Tool & Supply of Portland, Oregon is an industrial distributor of equipment and supplies for a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to construction to mining.   One of the services that General Tool offers to their customers is an “integrated inventory management system.”

Route salespeople review their customers’ inventory levels and replenish as needed.  To record these transactions, General Tool decided to use a rugged barcode scanner that could also double as a cell phone.

They selected the Honeywell 7600 for various reasons:  It’s rugged design – it can be tossed across a room and still function perfectly;  Ergonomics – the terminal is compact and designed to be easily hand-held; The screen is touch-screen technology, so they could capture signatures; It had an integrated barcode imager for scanning and, if necessary, picture-taking;  And it uses GSM cellular technology.

Automation of their route delivery process has proven to be a successful step in General Tool’s quest for top-level customer service.

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