Legal Firm Provides Up To Date Status Reports To Clients

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Pierce & Associates is a large law firm that specializes in services for the mortgage industry, including property sales and bankruptcies.  Throughout the firm’s history, it has emphasized the use of technology to provide excellent customer service for its clients.

CheckMate Document Tracking is been used at Pierce & Associates for years to provide accurate status reports for each of their clients.  The ability to track documents is important, as multiple staff members, paralegals or attorneys may need the case file at any time.   Pierce uses a custom-developed label and prints specific identification information along with a barcode on an Intermec thermal barcode printer.  Then the documents are scanned each time they are transferred among the staff throughout an active case.  CheckMate Document Tracking archives the documents in a specific location when the case is closed, so that if they are ever needed they can be quickly located.

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