Asset System Tracks Applications at College School of Justice

Miami Dade College School of Justice Miami Dade College School of Justice

Miami, FL

Higher Education

About Miami Dade College School of Justice

Miami Dade College is the largest higher education institution in the United States with more than 174,000 students in attendance across 8 campuses and multiple outreach centers. They are also one of the most highly regarded colleges in the nation. The North Campus alone, home of the School of Justice, has over 41,000 students in attendance which produces a good amount of admissions paper work.

The Challenge

MDC North CampusSpring in the admissions department of a college or university is a very busy time of year.  The School of Justice has 12,000 students in attendance at any one time which means thousands of college applications to track. Miami Dade College receives thousands of applications a year, the hard copies of which the college files, organizes and stores. Prior to using Dynamic Systems’ Document Tracking System, this was a manual process, consuming hundreds of hours in labor a year.

The Solution

SolutionMDC implemented CheckMate document tracking software from Dynamic Systems to track and find student documents and files.  To help manage chain of custody Dynamic Systems modified the software to restrict the number of files an individual could check out at one time.  In addition the ability to generate overdue reporting and to manage activity and version control practically eliminated breaks in the chain-of-custody.