Job Site Secured With Checkmate ID Badge System

id card,card printer,badge printer,construction badge,barcode printer,id badge makerContractors have a chronic problem with equipment being stolen from larger job sites – thieves just walk onto the site as though they work there and walk off with equipment.  Since there is high turn-over in the industry, it’s often difficult to identify these “strangers”.

BCI Construction Services in Albany, New York, decided to deal with this problem by requiring their employees to wear ID badges.  They wanted the badges to have a photo of the employee along with the BCI logo so they couldn’t be stolen and used to get onto job sites.  BCI purchased the Zebra P110i Card Printer to produce these badges.  The starter kit that came with the printer included a web cam and the card design software – they were up and running quickly.

BCI’s owners are pleased with the professional look of their ID cards and at the increased security at their job sites.

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