All School District Assets Now Accountable with Pinpoint Accuracy

Mercer Island School District Asset TrackingMercer Island School District

Mercer Island, WA


About Mercer Island School District

Mercer Island is a six square mile island community in the middle of Lake Washington only 10 minutes from downtown Seattle to the west and 10 minutes from downtown Bellevue to the east. The island is home to 22,000 residents and the school district is affiliated with the Puget Sound Educational Service District, a regional support educational agency. The community has high academic expectations for the school district and as a result Mercer Island has the some of the highest test scores of any district in the state.

The Challenge

Mercer Island School District | Capital Asset ManagementSchool Districts have many capital assets which move often.  District officials transfer audio/visual equipment, smart screens, LCD monitors, projectors and other equipment among classrooms and even schools.  In addition to fixed assets, students check out other assets such as laptops, books and lockers. Prior to Dynamic Systems the school district employees tracked everything manually. This process ended up being cumbersome and consumed many of the Districts’s resources.

The Solution

Using CheckMate All-in-One Asset Tracking software, Mercer Island School District was able to automate the management of classroom and student issued equipment and computers.  The capital investment made by the school district is extensive, and the Mercer Island community needed to know how the school district was spending money and managing the investment.  CheckMate has been proven to achieve 99% accuracy in capital asset management and has served as an invaluable tool in accounting for each piece of equipment, its value, depreciation, location and condition.