Casino Adheres to Traceability Regulations

cashbox tracking,casino barcode software,chain of custody,casino retrieval managerThe transfer of cash in casinos is a highly regulated process both by the government and by the casino auditors.  Money is regularly transferred from change machines, slot machines and gambling tables by swapping out the locked cashbox.

Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale, Washington turned to CheckMate Capital Assets to improve the traceability of the cashbox transfers and to save time and money.  Each cashbox has a bar code, each machine or gaming table has a bar code, and each security officer has a bar coded badge.  Each time a cashbox is swapped the transaction is recorded using a portable bar code scanner, identifying when and where the cashbox was picked up, who did it, and when it was transferred to the cashier.

Silver Reef Casino not only is meeting the traceability regulations, but they’ve found they need fewer cashbox’s and that the transfer function happens much more quickly.

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