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Burnham310 Apartments

Burnham310 Apartments
Champagne, IL
Real Estate | Property Management

About Burnham310 Apartments

Burnham310 is an apartment community in the newly formed Burnham District near the University of Illinois, connecting Campustown with downtown entertainment.

With many floor plans including studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartments, the apartment managers are managing a large inventory of staged furniture at any given time. Additionally, because of their location in relation to the University of Illinois, their residents are primarily college students, thus all apartments come fully furnished.

The Challenge

Prior to learning about Dynamic Systems’ Asset Tracking Software, apartment managers were tracking the furniture, artwork and appliances in their furnished apartment homes using nothing but paper and pencil.  They needed an asset tracking solution, as well as a way to discretely yet permanently tag the furniture with bar code labels. Lastly, the apartment managers also asked for a solution that could help identify and differentiate between subtle differences in furniture styles and features.

The Solution

Burnham310 Student HousingCheckMate Asset Tracking Software is a robust fixed asset management solution that allows businesses to inventory and track the items, and calculation capital depreciation and appreciation of all assets such as furniture, artwork, and electronics. Additionally, the software comes with an integrated glossary feature that enabled managers to input detailed descriptions such as asset dimensions, color, material, purchase date and maintenance history.

Included in the solution were highly durable and discrete bar code labels that adhered to most any material.  As furniture moves from place to place, a simple scan with the mobile bar code terminal allows them to document the change of location and keep inventory up to date.