Who Uses an ID Badge Printer?

In today’s market, you might notice you will get a new card for anything. When you sign up for loyalty programs at your local super market you may receive a new “rewards card”, or if you take the family to an amusement park you might get a card for admission. Many employers are also using cards to manage access control and job site security. Today’s applications for card and ID printers are much wider than in the past, and we offer a wide range of printers to fill all your needs.

Here are the top four applications for card printers:

  1. Corporations – Companies need simple ID solutions for employees, contractors and visitors. Card printers can easily combine security and identification in one card.
  2. Government – Government applications for card printers can range anywhere from drivers’ licenses to authenticated credentials for government officials, all the while meeting security and durability standards.
  3. Retail – Card printers can be used for creating membership cards, loyalty cards or admission passes. They can also be used for transit passes and healthcare cards.
  4. Education – School and college ID cards for students, staff and faculty can be made quickly and easily.

Card printers come in a variety of sizes and shapes making them fit just about anywhere the machine is needed.  And thanks to new technologies the machines are as versatile as their applications. High-quality direct-to-card printers offer high printing speeds, one- or two-sided printing options in either monochrome or color, and have an ability to encode magnetic strips or bar codes on the card itself. Bar codes and magnetic strips are important as the coded information can help track an employee’s whereabouts or even to track and reward your most loyal customers. Another feature on some of the higher end printers like Zebra’s ZXP Series 8 card printer is a locking enclosure allowing you to securely print financial cards.

Knowing how and where the printer will be used will ensure the model you choose will meet all your application needs.

For more information:  http://www.zebra.com/us/en/products-services/printers/printer-type/card.html