Steps to Selecting an ID Card Printer

There is increased interest in ID systems that automate security access, labor reporting, and government facility access as well as customer loyalty cards and memberships.   It’s important to regard this as an “ID System”, rather than just another printer.  For example,

  • Who will operate the card printing system?
  • Which department will “own” the deployment of the system (HR, security, IT)?
  • Will it interact with other systems (such as access control or labor reporting)?
  • Will it need embedded security (holograms, anti-counterfeiting)?
  • Set a budget for the printer costs and cost of implementation

Once the ID System is outlined, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing an ID badge printer:

  • Define the card parameters – do you need single or dual-sided printing?; is color important?; where will the cards be printed?
  • What ID technology is required – barcode?; magnetic encoding?; RFID or smart-card technology?
  • Who will design the card layout and orientation and how will this be done (there is software that provides easy card-layout designs)?  Include type faces and card graphics such as logos and photos.
  • How durable must the card be (laminated or not, card thickness)?
  • Is your company concerned about “green” initiatives and sustainability?  That affects card materials and energy ratings for the printers.
  • Check out the reliability of different card printers.
  • Make sure your vendor offers responsive service for both printers issues and supplies shipments.

Viewing the selection of a card printer from a systems perspective will assure success of the project.

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