Mobility Management Systems


Implementing and managing a mobility system is complex.  The system most likely includes multiple applications, multiple types of hardware, and the added complexity of wireless or even cellular connectivity.  And the use of mobile computing systems (“walk-around workers”) is expanding quickly.

Many of the mobile device manufacturers, such as Intermec and Motorola, offer their own mobility management systems.  Intermec calls theirs Skynax.  Skynax is an enterprise-wide application that is designed to manage all mobile devices, whether within the 4 walls or connected via the cellular network.  It can manage via Ethernet, WiFi, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, CDMA and even Dial-up lines or ActiveSync over USB.  Key features include:

  • Mobile Application Deployment – can handle multiple applications configured and deployed to multiple devices
  • Enhanced file transfer speeds
  • Monitoring of all data exchanges
  • Ability to develop, deploy and deliver new applications quickly.
  • Network Optimization

Hardware-independent companies like Wavelink and SOTI also provide device management applications.  MobiControl™ from SOTI is designed to manage the “devices” as opposed to the “applications”.  This utility is designed to manage cell phones and tablets that are connected as well as WiFi devices including mobile barcode terminals, wireless printers and laptops.  Key features of MobiControl™ include:

  • Deployment of applications
  • Remote device configuration (passwords, screen lock, VPN & WiFi, etc.)
  • Remote control of devices – take over and troubleshoot from the control screen; lock the device remotely
  • View and report on device status
  • Telecom expense management – monitor usage
  • Geofencing – establish virtual boundaries for mobile devices that trigger alerts and can actually freeze the device if it leaves the approved area (guards against theft)
  • Enforcing web policies (restricting web access for mobile devices)

The more mobile devices you have the more you will need some level of device management.  If you are managing these devices from a remote location (IT at one plant & workers at others) this is a great tool for maintaining up-time and productivity.