Increase Productivity with Hand-free Barcode Scanner

The Challange

Pick up the scanner, scan label, put down scanner, stack or pack.  The additional motions take time and slow down productivity in warehouse, manufacturing and retail environments.

The Solution

One way to combat this time drain is to implement the use of “wearable” scanners.

The 8650 Ring Scanner from LXE/Honeywell is a battery-powered Bluetooth scanner that consists of a lightweight module worn on the wrist or back of the hand and a laser scanner small enough to fit on your index finger. The scan function is triggered by pressing a magnesium button with your thumb.

The Result

Speed: An increase in operational productivity and reduction in operational cycle time as the ability to perform tasks such as packing containers and moving boxes with both hands free speeds up activities.

Accuracy: implimenting bar coding into inventory operations on average helps company’s achieve 99% accuracy. Making the transition easy helps ensure success.

Throughput: Reduced cycle time and increased accuracy allows you to pick up the tempo without missing a beat.

When used with the LXE Wearable Computer, the result is a flexible, wireless mobile solution that offers the same capabilities as the classic mobile barcode computer, but with the hands-free feature.  The Wearable Computer can be worn on the wrist or at the waist, has a keypad, touch screen that performs well in daylight, and extended battery options.  It withstands multiple 4 foot drops to concrete and has an IP54 rating, so this wearable computer can withstand the rugged warehouse environment.

Download the 8650 Data Sheet