How Mobile Device Management Software Can Protect Your Company

“One in six small to medium sized businesses suffers some kind of data loss (from malware or viruses) downloaded to mobile devices”, reported Robert Gorby, global head of business marketing at security company AVG Technologies. These devices include smart phones, laptops and flash drives – many of which have been brought from home by employees.

Personal mobile devises are a growing risk for companies

Personal mobile devices allow unprotected / unmonitored data to transmit over secure corporate networks. Furthermore, it’s a risk to access corporate data over personal mobile devices via web-based applications (SaaS) without strong security.

As employees are beginning to to work from home more frequently, security threats (and how companies manage them) begin to shift. Much of this work is done via SaaS (Software as a Service), where users access data and services via a web client application, and where sensitive company data resides “in the cloud”. This means companies are relinquishing control over how data is secured, controlled and monitored.

If your company currently uses or is considering using SaaS, or if you have a number of employees working from home, it would be well worth the expense to have a reputable security vendor evaluate your network. A proactive approach today may save your company from experiencing significant future loss.

Some suggestions:

1. DO NOT restrict the use of personal devices

Employees will inevitably use personnel devices, despite company policy. Information security experts recommend that a company can have tighter control if they instead require that employees allow the company to install mobile device management software on their device. and that, when possible, the device be used on a secure company network.

2. When possible, issue “corporate devices”

When possible, issue computers, cell phones and tablets to employees. This gets them off their personal device and onto a secure and managed corporate device.

3. Don’t worry, mobile and SaaS will trend out soon enough…or will they?

Actually, I do predict that the terms “SaaS” and “Mobile” will be no longer used. This is because I am predicting that mobile, web client applications will comprise the majority of B2B and B2C software on the market. This means you need to get to know these third party companies whom are housing your data.


image credit: Simon Cocks