Field Mobility: Barcode & RFID Outside the Office

For the past 30 years, barcode and, more recently, RFID applications have been used within the confines of a single location for fulfilling manufacturing work orders, managing inventory and warehouse distribution and retail point-of-sale. With the advancement of mobile and wireless networks and devices, the barcode landscape has changed significantly. Increased coverage, better device reception is making it possible for companies to take barcode and RFID applications into the field. In recent years this technology has become increasingly affordable and capable.

Mobile Innovation = Extending Productivity beyond the Confines of 4 Walls

Barcode and RFID technology gives your company a competitive edge by increasing speed, accuracy and throughput. This blog is meant to challenge you to think outside the box. I want to open the possibility of running your business in real-time, with less overhead by mobilizing and deploying service teams, products and assets? The technology required to do so is now more affordable than ever.

Speed – the Wireless Workforce

Field service reps can now carry scan equipped mobile computers or tablets with cellular and wireless capability that allow them to respond to customers more quickly and effectively than ever before. Rather than manually inputting data, maintaining and ordering tools and equipment or filling out paper work service reps can spend their time with customers. By exchanging data with headquarters in real time, employees gain access to a wealth of resources, field technicians can be more responsive to customer queries and complaints.

Imagine, no more hanging file boxes, full of carbon copy receipts and transactions sitting in the passenger seat of your service vehicle. By batching data from the field directly to headquarters, quotes, receipts and even lead nurturing could be deployed electronically and instantaneously to customers.

Accuracy- Mobility for the Government

When the Department of Fish and Wildlife for both Washington and Oregon came to us and asked if we could help them track live, wild salmon we were a momentarily taken back. Tracking inventory in a warehouse is one thing but wet, wiggly scaly fish are another. So we put our heads together and presented them with a solution.

By using low-frequency HDX RFID tags and the Psion Workabout Pro3 with it’s long range RFID module, field technicians can scan fish directly from the shoreline with incredible accuracy. Our software collected the data from the device into database where it is then analyzed.

Throughput – Food Processing and Distribution

80% of Alaskan seafood processing companies Dynamic Systems solutions use barcode tracking systems for inventory control and product traceability – both on the boat and in the cold, messy processing plants.

Our solution automates inventory and distribution, allowing companies to instantly print labels on demand as product moves down the line. At the end of the line, route sales people with scan equipped mobile computers scan the box labels to automatically generate shipping documentation such as a Bill of Lading. They can even replenish shelves and place orders via cell phone.

In an industry where products are often sold before they are even checked into inventory, this allows the company to increase throughput and thus their capacity for taking in more business.

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