4 Ways to Drive Profitability with IT Asset Tracking Software

Meet Your Capital and Expense Goals with Uncanny Precision

In the current economic climate, companies must find ways to reduce operating costs in order to improve overall profitability. Strategies and methods used to accomplish this rang from work-force reductions, corporate restructuring, reduced spending, processes automation and so on…

Following the events of 2008, businesses have begun implement formal IT asset tracking software solutions to more effectively manage assets and avoid and future capital investments in technology. One such method is to offset operating costs by implement asset management to save money on taxes, maintenance and acquisition expenditures.

An asset management solution will aid in maximizing overall profitability in the following ways:

1. Centrally manage mobile hardware and software

A good mobile device management software will aid administrators in centrally managing device and software health. Most companies have an excess of hardware and software and little control over the health of each device and application.

2. Device and software compatibility and license compliance

A good asset tracking software can help manage software / device compliance and compatibility by allowing administrators to add detailed meta-data about the status and version of all applications and devices in inventory.

3. Avoid unnecessary capital acquisitions

Reduce unnecessary spending and by comprehensively viewing inactive or redeployed devices in your inventory.

4. Cost / benefit analysis

Track the total cost of maintaining your assets against perceived gains to better understand IT solutions ROI. This aids in trimming fat such as asset and labor overhead while improving efficiency.

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image credit: Thomas Claveirole