3 Tips for Protecting IT Assets During an Office Relocation

The following is a guest post Gaurav Tandon, a freelance editor and writer for a popular online business magazine. He is also a writer and blogger for leading office relation company, a business relocation company based in England. In his free time, Gaurav enjoys playing cricket, soccer, and chess. He is also passionate about reading fiction and traveling. Gaurav sees himself as a successful fiction writer in near future.

Office relocation is common today. As businesses expand the need for additional space and lower, operating costs drive business leaders to seek new and improved office spaces near restaurants, transit routs, and other commuter resources. IT assets such as servers, racks, fans, monitors, keyboards, phones, projectors and the like need to relocated quickly and with great care to minimize business downtime and damage to mission critical equipment. The following are some useful tips regarding the successful relocation of IT assets during a move:

1. Take inventory of all company owned IT assets

Be sure to conduct a through inventory of every piece of equipment your company owns. Document where equipment was located prior to the move and where it needs to move to in the new space. All the phone, internet, and network circuits at the new location at the new location should be checked and functioning properly. Be sure to pay all tie off any lose ends at the old location by making a checklist of remaining utility bills needing to be paid or any discrepancies which can disrupt the move and hinder business.

2. Review and inventory any leased equipment

All the technical hardware systems like printers, PCs, switches, servers, routers, UPS, voice systems, software and vendor contracts must be reviewed for title identity or lease ownership. This helps in determining whether upgrades or contract changes are required. You should inform you data service provider of any installations and equipment sett up in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays.

3. Document and clearly diagram equipment placement

The placement of technology is critical. Factors such as location of the server room and any spatial, cooling, power and UPS requirements are vitally important. Be sure you carefully examine your business continuity plans. Lastly, agree upon a plan for how and who to alert in the rare case that equipment is damaged, lost, stolen, during the move.

The relocation IT assets and technical equipment requires technical expertise, collaboration with your businesses IT department, and special care and moving equipment. If mishandled, things could get messy, as well as hinder your business. When dealing with equipment such as servers, computers and wires it is highly recommended you work closely with a licensed and insured office relocation service. This offers easy, hassle free and smooth relocation with faster setup.