2012 IT Budget Priorities: Enterprise Mobility & Information Systems

According to CIO Insight, enterprise mobility and wireless network infrastructures are the top spending initiatives when it comes to IT budget planning for 2012.

According to research conducted by CIO Insight, planned expense increases are focused on cloud computing, mobility, infrastructure, security and process improvements.

The article spoke of three trends in post-recession spending:  innovation, integration and reversion. You may immediately notice that integration and reversion are not as sexy as innovation.

Hard times call for increased innovation, and innovaters are rock stars in the business world. One of the results of “The Great Recession” is a spike in innovation by companies struggling to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve customer loyalty.

The reality is that innovative advancements in technology only raise the need for further investment in established infrastructural technology. That includes enterprise mobility and AIDC hardwareAIDC software, and wireless network infrastructure.

There are three words that should describe your company going into 2012: precision, speed and throughput. What we have found is that companies often neglect automating back-end operations, sometimes indefinitely.

Here are the facts about the implementation of barcode technology, inventory management and asset management technologies:

  • Precision: Your company could reduce inventory by 6% and labor hours by 20%
  • Speed: On average, businesses report an 80% lift in efficiency and up to 40% lift in worker productivity
  • Throughput:  Reduce damages and defects by 75% while achieving up to 50% better customer lead time

Conclusion:  If your company has streamlined processes built on industry best practices then consider automating as much as possible. If you lack formal processes, or feel there could be room for improvement, then consider getting a free process evaluation from a Dynamic Systems, Inc. AIDC specialist.


image credit: webhamster