2 Common Causes of Dead Spots in Your Wireless Network

We receive hundreds of calls from business owners who want to purchase and install additional wireless access points. Over time we have learned to ask them “Why?” Often the response is it’s because they are experiencing what they call “dead spots” or areas of with no network connectivity. Before you invest more into wireless access points and equipment you need to troubleshoot the issue.

You will generally find that an area of little or no connectivity is the result of one of two common issues:

1. You can connect to the network but cannot connect to the host

The thing we run into most is that the customer is able to access the network and send data over the network but unable to connect to the host. In other words, the radio in the wireless access point is working but the Ethernet side is not. In this case, we will want to repair the Ethernet connection first before investing in access points.

2. No network connectivity

There are times we have the opposite problem from what was just described. While standing directly under the malfunctioning wireless access point we are unable to find a wireless connection. That tells us that the radio in the access point is not working or the whole access point is down. A quick check is to look at the access point to see if the lights are on.

At Dynamic Systems, Inc. we are often able to save companies a lot of money and time by correctly troubleshooting and solving the underlying issues. We not only fix the problem but show the customer how to fix the problem on their own in the future.

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