How Big (or Small) Can My Barcode Label Be?


You have a very small item or space to put a barcode label on.  Or you want to be able to read your barcode label from a distance which would require a very large label.  It this possible? The answer is a “qualified yes”, and it is dependent not only on the label itself but [...]

Mobility Management Systems

Mobility Management Systems

  Implementing and managing a mobility system is complex.  The system most likely includes multiple applications, multiple types of hardware, and the added complexity of wireless or even cellular connectivity.  And the use of mobile computing systems (“walk-around workers”) is expanding quickly. Many of the mobile device manufacturers, such as Intermec and Motorola, offer their [...]

Managing a Distributed Barcode Label Printing Environment

Managing a Distributed Barcode Label

  Now that you’ve decided the benefits of distributed printing work for your company, how do you make sure the printers in these diverse locations are working properly?  And how do you deploy new label designs or updated network configurations without having to travel to each printer location? Printer manufacturers who encourage distributed printing are [...]

Distributed Barcode Label Printing

Distributed Barcode Shipping_S4M_2_medium

The term “distributed printing” is often applied to large corporate environments where the IT department is attempting to balance the large number of documents printing among printers that are located outside of the IT center.  The advantages of this type of printing scheme include balancing the load so that no one printer exceeds its duty [...]

5 Food ERP Software Selection Tips

Fresh Food

There is a plethora of information available online about how to properly select and implement an ERP system.  From articles, to webinars presented by industry experts, to whitepapers and guides, the “how-to” world of ERP software selection is a detailed one. Why is it then, that so many companies still make the same mistakes when [...]

Who Uses an ID Badge Printer?

ZXP3 bundle

In today’s market, you might notice you will get a new card for anything. When you sign up for loyalty programs at your local super market you may receive a new “rewards card”, or if you take the family to an amusement park you might get a card for admission. Many employers are also using [...]

4 Things Your Business Should Know About RFID Technology


1. RFID can lead to increased visibility There is much speculation about the use of RFID chips for surveillance. Google is packed with discourse about how the government could constantly track us through our clothing, money, food, shoes or other belongings. Many companies ask us if their business could use RFID to increase visibility and control [...]

Tablet Computing and Enterprise Mobility – 3 Tips in 2012


Enterprises and SMBs alike are becoming more mobile and their users becoming more demanding. Businesses are turning to new solutions and adopting technology such as tablets with the same intensity and appetite of consumers. Since Apple’s iPad debuted in January 2010, the integration of tablet devices in the workplace has progressed rapidly. We want to highlight 3 [...]

10 Biggest Inventory Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


As we come to the end of 2011, it comes time to audit our inventory. Many companies are just now thinking about their inventory management solution or lack thereof. All of us on the team at Dynamic Systems Inc. want to help. We put our heads together and came up with what we believe are the top [...]

How Job Costing Software Benefits Manufacturers


Job costing software may or may not be an integrated component of your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In either case, accurately measuring the cost of a job (parts + labor) will allow manufacturers to save money and increase efficiencies in a tough economy. There are two basic ways to better measure direct production costs: manufacturing [...]