Food Traceability Systems


From Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives ( Traceability Systems Food traceability systems are record keeping   procedures, or tracing systems, that record the path of a food product or an   ingredient in a food product from its initial supplier through all processing   stages until it reaches the end consumer.A traceability system allows [...]

Barcodes and QR Codes


What are QR codes? QR Codes, also known as “Quick Response” codes, are an advanced form of a barcode that can store over 1800 characters of text information. With the advent of smartphones and QR code reader mobile applications, QR codes have grown in popularity for their convenience in transferring information to a cell phone. [...]

Automated Vision Systems for Sorting & Grading Fruits & Vegetables


From Understanding Color Image Processing by Machine Vision for Biological Materials By Ayman H. Amer Eissa and Ayman A. Abdel Khalik Handling (Post harvest) process of fruits and vegetables is completed in several steps: washing, sorting, grading, packing, transporting and storage.  The fruits sorting and grading are considered the most important steps of handling. Product [...]

Seafood Processors – Why Traceability?


There is increasing awareness in the seafood industry that the ability to prove what product came from which processor and what boat is important.  The major driving force toward full “Boat to Plate” traceability is FRAUD. The statistics are disturbing.  According to Seafood Source, the percent of mislabeled fish in Southern California stores and restaurants [...]

Labeling Your Warehouse for a Barcode System – Product Labels


  Our discussion of barcodes and managing your warehouse continues with how to label your inventory items.  There are some very creative ideas when it comes to putting a barcode label on your item, so if you feel you have unique requirements, talk to a labeling expert.  Here are just some of the scenarios we [...]

Labeling Your Warehouse for a Barcode System


  For the next couple of weeks we’ll be discussing some details and strategies of barcode within a Warehouse Management system.  The effective and efficient management of your inventory is much more than recording when it arrives and when it is used or shipped.  The ability to store and locate inventory quickly, the most effective [...]

4 Components of a Well-Designed Barcode System (4 of 4)


  Selecting the Right Barcode Equipment (including the type of Network) – The Last Step! The Network:  Batch vs. Wireless A typical barcode system today is designed using a wireless network.  But don’t rule out a batch data collection system until you evaluate your needs. Do you need “real-time” data?  You may be surprised to [...]

4 Components of a Well-Designed Barcode System (3 of 4)


  What is required? What are the steps? And in what order?   The Label – Design the Barcode Solution around the Label There is so much more to designing the appropriate barcode label for your system than you could ever imagine.  Size;  environmental requirements such as wet, cold, dust, abrasion; design; location, both on [...]

4 Components of a Well-Designed Barcode System (2 of 4)


What is required? What are the steps? And in what order? Select the Software Application – Find a Partner If you already have ERP software, it probably has barcode capability, so that’s the first place to look.  A word of caution – not all ERP software does a good job at utilizing barcode tracking.  So [...]

4 Components of a Well-Designed Barcode System (1 of 4)


What is required? What are the steps? And in what order? A well-designed barcode system will benefit a company in increased efficiencies and productivity, increased data accuracy and a better bottom line.  As you can imagine, there are several components that make up the full barcode system, and they need to be evaluated and selected [...]